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G2G will provide you with two valuable lessons to do with water.

The first is that water should not be treated as a free, unlimited resource. At G2G you will learn to conserve water and understand that even in very dry, desert conditions, man can survive on much less.

The second is to try to encourage the elimination of single use plastic water bottles in the world. As recently as 30 years ago, people did not buy bottled water but that all changed with the invention of polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET) in 1989, which is the plastic used for single use water bottles. Now it is a multi-billion dollar industry and the scourge of our oceans, as only a fraction of those bottles get recycled. Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic gets dumped into our oceans.

At G2G, it is mandatory that competitors bring their own re-usable water containers and get resupplied with fresh water at each checkpoint and at camp. We have been doing this at every race since 2012 and we have managed our fresh water supply without resorting to thousands of single use plastic water bottles. Whilst this is only a small contribution, it is the lesson that is learned by our competitors and volunteers, which has a larger impact in the world when they return to their homes and spread the word.

Please always carry a reusable water container with you and never again buy a bottle of water!

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