Grand to Grand Ultra
226 Alemany Marie Louise Female 51 GBR     Self-supported
600 Alkatheeri Ahmed Male 46 UAE     Self-supported
903 Aniello Frankie Male 44 USA Teamconnor JAR of Hope Self-supported
100 Antunez Vincent Male 63 USA     Self-supported
300 Auneau Benjamin Male 46 FRA     Self-supported
227 Barr-Sim Andrew Male 63 GBR   Hamlet Charity Self-supported
101 Birch Angela Female 41 USA     Self-supported
900 Buro Rick Male 43 USA Teamjamesy JAR of Hope Self-supported
228 Collett Ryan Male 46 GBR     Self-supported
102 Corcoran Patrick Male 53 USA     Self-supported
103 Davenport Trevor Male 50 USA     Self-supported
229 Davey Charlotte Female 50 GBR     Self-supported
200 Davis Kenneth Male 73 CAN     Self-supported
230 Dimsdale Alex Male 52 GBR     Self-supported
904 Doeden Dillon Male 32 USA Teamconnor JAR of Hope Self-supported
526 Emery Joanne Female 51 AUS     Self-supported
231 Faint Nick Male 50 GBR     Self-supported
800 Fallon Sam Male 51 USA     Supported
801 Frankish Kim Female 67 GBR     Supported
104 Gikas Kent Male 70 USA     Self-supported
301 Ginter Anthony Male 41 FRA     Self-supported
906 Gourdin Michel Male 45 FRA Beyond The Pain  Solidarite Defense Self-supported
907 Gourdin Nathalie Female 40 FRA Beyond The Pain  Solidarite Defense Self-supported
400 Grafnetterova Nikola Female 35 CZE   Best Friends Animal Society Self-supported
50 Gribauval Aude Female 50 FRA     Self-supported
303 Guetz David Male 50 FRA     Self-supported
802 Hernandez Sonia Female 48 FRA     Supported
110 Hoffman Max Male 31 USA   Best Friend Animal Society Self-supported
105 Hogg Matthew Male 60 USA     Self-supported
232 Howard Julian Male 53 GBR     Self-supported
233 Hutt Alasdair Male 54 GBR     Self-supported
234 Hutt Kim Female 51 GBR     Self-supported
106 Johnson Olan Female 37 USA     Self-supported
201 Kovessy Erik Male 37 CAN     Self-supported
908 Lemiere Adam Male 25 FRA Beyond The Pain   Self-supported
527 Matthews Simon Male 48 AUS     Self-supported
235 McKee Gary Male 54 GBR   Macmillan Cancer Support & Hospice at Home West Cumbria  Self-supported
236 Morley Matt Male 50 GBR     Self-supported
107 Murdoch Brooke Jeanne Female 35 USA    Alzheimer's Association Self-supported
108 Parrish Brent Male 41 USA     Self-supported
109 Parrish Patricia Female 36 USA     Self-supported
111 Rader Melanie Female 30 USA   Kane County Assistance Program Self-supported
901 Raffone James Male 52 USA Teamjamesy JAR of Hope Self-supported
476 Ribeiro Bruno Luiz Male 42 BRA     Self-supported
905 Richardson Leanne Female 54 CAN Teamconnor JAR of Hope Self-supported
202 Ruberto Tony Male 48 CAN     Self-supported
902 Russo Joe Male 47 USA Teamjamesy JAR of Hope Self-supported
477 Sampaio Mario Male 66 BRA   Stop Hunger Self-supported
304 Sauvee Nicolas Male 37 FRA     Self-supported
113 Simpson Steve Male 60 USA   Kane County Assistance Program Self-supported
112 Simpson Deena Female 50 USA     Self-supported
528 Waterfall Tracey Female 53 AUS     Self-supported
203 Wong Jason Male 51 CAN     Self-supported

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