Mauna to Mauna Ultra


Mauna to Mauna Ultra Cancelled

We have decided to cancel M2M 2023 and have no future plans to bring the race back.


The Grand to Grand Ultra and Mauna to Mauna Ultra were conceived to be two of the world’s finest stage footraces with our priority being to allow participants to experience the spectacular beauty of those remote locations while creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable event with the support of the local community.

We will at all times continue to uphold our principles as follows:

For Participants

Host annual events which are considered world class, attract growing numbers of people from across the planet and enable participants to experience an endurance event in a safe and responsible manner while learning about the local culture and history.

For the Environment

Our mission is to create events, which protect the environment while educating participants to build respect for their planet and nature. They will also encourage an appreciation of optimizing limited resources.

For the Local Community

We wish to create sustainable events, which contribute to the local economies and involve the broad commitment of local communities.

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