Mauna to Mauna Ultra

The new Mauna to Mauna Ultra 2021 course covers approx 155 miles (250km) spread over 6 stages in 7 days. Located more than 2,000 miles from the nearest continental land mass, the Hawaiian Archipelago is the most geographically isolated group of islands on Earth.

Participants will encounter a mix of terrain, including trails through lush rainforest, rugged lava trails, mountain climbs (not technical), open grassland, river crossings, coastal beach trails and sand. The starting line is at sea level on Coconut Island off the east coast of Hawaii Island. Camp 1, which is your campsite on the evening before the start of the race, is situated close to the start in a traditional farm plantation surrounded by coffee, macadamia nuts, tropical fruits and spices. The finish line is on the west coast of Hawaii Island and provides participants with a spectacular and rewarding view of the Pacific Ocean.

On completion of the course, you will have climbed the world’s two highest volcanic mountains and traversed from one side of the island to the other – something not done since the kukini (ancient native Hawaiian runners) did it over 200 years ago!

You will climb from sea-level to over 9,000ft (2,700m) and experience the remotest terrain on the island, where even locals do not venture.

The new course has been 5 years in the making, in which we had to obtain permits from 14 public and private landowners. Such permitting for an event like this has never been done before in Hawaii and possibly never anywhere in the world for a self-supported footrace. Over 90% of the 155 miles route is off paved roads and in remote locations.

Hawaiian plants and animals began to evolve over 70 million years ago in nearly complete isolation and over 90% of the native terrestrial flora and fauna in Hawaii are found only in the Hawaiian islands. This level of endemism surpasses all other places on Earth— even the Galapagos Islands. Consequently, Hawaii Island is a fantastic laboratory for the study of biogeography and evolution which you will witness up close.

Since Hawaii Island is the only location on Earth, which possesses 11 of the world’s 13 climate zones, be prepared for extreme changes in weather throughout the week of the race. You will experience most of these climates from wet-tropical to cool temperate to arid (although we will not be taking you to the polar tundra!) Please pay attention to the mandatory and recommended gear.

Throughout the course, you will run/trek by geological pu’u, ascend and descend dormant volcanoes, view waterfalls and tropical valleys, run through groves of ginger, eucalyptus and koa trees, experience unique vistas of the two tallest mountains on Earth, follow a course lit by the stars in the darkest skies in the world and chill on beaches with the most amazing Pacific sunsets.

Be prepared for a unique experience which few people on earth will ever see, never mind run and hike through.


STAGE Miles Kilometers
Stage 1 26 41.8
Stage 2 19 30.5
Stage 3 50 80.5
Stage 4 28 45
Stage 5 26 41.8
Stage 6 6 9.7


m2m 2019 elevation profile

G2G International Limited reserves the right to add, modify or change the course at any time.

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