Mauna to Mauna Ultra
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6 STAGES, 7 DAYS, 155 MILES (250 KM)





M2M 2023 PROPOSED FOR 14 - 20 MAY 2023

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Tackle a unique course ascending volcanoes and extreme altitudes while running on lava flows, in lush rainforest, open grasslands and pristine beaches.

Experience dramatic weather conditions on Hawaii Island as you run on the largest and tallest mountains in the world.

A life changing week of survival that will test your endurance limits in the remotest place on earth.

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grant me the serenity

Self Care

ONE WEEK TO GO!!! You have put in the miles. Your gear and shoes are broken in. You have chosen your meals/snacks and everything fits in your pack. And, of course, you have thoroughly reviewed the G2G Medical Corner and all the medical posts on the Checkpoint Blog! At this point you have time to sit back and reflect on your training and your upcoming time at G2G.

grant me the serenity


There are a few critters you should be aware of during your time in the AZ/UT desert… scorpions and spiders

grant me the serenity

Foot care

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

The above quote aptly summarizes my experience in the G2G medical tent over the past six years. Despite my best efforts, most of you will get blisters. Even those runners who insist they “never get blisters” will inevitably hobble into the medical tent at some point. But blisters are entirely preventable.

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An evidence-based review of hydration and electrolytes for runners.

Back in 2010 I was deployed to California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range for cold weather and mountain warfare training with the US Marines. They would line us up before a run and have us drink water until one of us vomited to fully hydrate us. This is obviously no longer recommended, as overhydration is the major cause of hyponatremia (low sodium) which can be deadly.

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An evidence-based review of heat illness for runners.

The average core body temperature is 37C (98.6F) with an optimum range around 35C to ~ 40C. If your body gets too hot (~ > 41C or 106F) then the biochemical pathways that keep your body running start shutting down resulting in seizures, coma or even death.

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The rationale behind medical clearance and some advice for both you and your medical provider

I understand your frustration. You are three months from one of the greatest and most exciting challenges you have ever faced when you get the email from Tess about the mandatory medical certificate that must be signed by a licensed medical provider 1-2 months before the race. But why?!?

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Back-to-back-to-back long runs plus camping make for an unforgettable ultra experience

Imagine this: Yesterday, you ran a marathon-length trail route that beat up your quads and blistered three toes. Today, you’re up for another 25 to 30 miles on an unfamiliar stretch of treacherous trail. Tomorrow, the real fun begins. Running with a loaded pack, in high altitude and extreme temperature, you’ll go another 50-some miles.

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One magical aspect of the Grand to Grand Ultra is the camp. Each morning, the camp is erected in a unique location in readiness for the arrival of our competitors. The camp comprises large stand up tents, each of which accommodates eight competitors, as well as the medical tent, cyber-tent, hot and cold water supplies and clean, comfortable portable toilets.

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Preparing for a self-supported, multi-stage ultra-marathon can be overwhelming.

How many miles should I run each week during my training?
Should I walk during training?
When should I...

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