Mauna to Mauna Ultra
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Race Starts In 161 Days

19 - 25 MAY 2019

6 STAGES, 7 DAYS, 155 MILES (250 KM)



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Tackle a unique course ascending volcanoes and extreme altitudes while running on lava flows, in lush rainforest, open grasslands and pristine beaches.

Experience dramatic weather conditions on Hawaii Island as you run on the largest and tallest mountains in the world.

A life changing week of survival that will test your endurance limits in the remotest place on earth.

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Digital Detox - (noun informal - a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world).

Do you sleep with your smartphone or tablet by your bedside? Do you check your email, Facebook page or Instagram the moment you wake up? Do your family members implore you to look up from your phone? You might need a digital detox.

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One magical aspect of the Grand to Grand Ultra is the camp. Each morning, the camp is erected in a unique location in readiness for the arrival of our competitors. The camp comprises large stand up tents, each of which accommodates eight competitors, as well as the medical tent, cyber-tent, hot and cold water supplies and clean, comfortable portable toilets.

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welcome dinner1

Running 170 miles across the high desert of Arizona and Utah during the Grand to Grand Ultra is tough. Whilst this is a self-supported race and competitors are responsible for carrying everything they need to survive in the desert for a whole week, including their food, we also want competitors to experience the unique culinary delights of American Southwestern cuisine during their visit. This local food sustains people living in the harsh desert conditions, yet it is incredibly tasty with a wide range of flavors.

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thumb taking risk management seriously

We know that crossing 273 km on foot over desert terrain is tough and requires our competitors to be physically and mentally prepared. G2G takes place in remote terrain where there is very little mobile phone signal and where unprepared people do get lost. We want you to focus on the race and not to worry about other things that are the responsibility of the organisers.

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thumb eliminating single use plastic bottles

G2G and M2M will provide you with two valuable lessons to do with water.

The first is that water should not be treated as a free, unlimited resource. At G2G and M2M you will learn...

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thumb ten success secrets for stage racing

Preparing for a self-supported, multi-stage ultra-marathon can be overwhelming.

How many miles should I run each week during my training?
Should I walk during training?
When should I...

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